Buenos Aires, Argentina

Textile Artist, born November 19, 1945

Isabel Polikowski Ditone


  • Technical textiles: Gracia Cutuli, Antoinette Galland, Nora Aslam, Carola Segura, Isabel Iriarte.
  • Drawing and painting: Héctor Viola.
  • Textile Research and Design: Tana Sachs.
  • Vision: Alicia Silman & Rosa Faccaro.
I conducted exhibitions in Argentina, Uruguay, México, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Estados Unidos, Polonia, España, Francia, Hungría & Italia.

Memberships and Participations

  • Member of the Argentine Center for Textile Arts (CAAT) http://www.caat.org.ar/
  • I organized classrooms, courses and seminars in the Mariano Moreno Cultural Complex, Argentina.
  • Participated in the organization of the V International Biennial of Textile Art in Argentina WTA.